Morning Light Evening Light

This morning the light on the ridge was glorious! A harbinger of a beautiful day. Then it began to drizzle. When the light faded it went quickly. Last week was a beautiful evening that made the entire sky glow. I took pictures in all directions.

Carr Fire Sunset

I’ve taken so many picture of the sunsets during the Carr Fire.  Here is another set. I took these about ten days ago. We are still getting the surreal sunsets. The fire is contained and the burnout operations are done. Other fires are burning in the area. We won’t be without the smoke anytime soon.


Our Northern California Skies

The Northern California skies from sunup to sundown.

Sunset Season


For me this is the sunset season.  We don’t get a lot of the climate conditions in the Summer for spectacular sunsets, unless we have smoke in the skies from wildfire.  Over the Winter we get spectacular sunsets, which I enjoy as I drive home from the woods.  I get home after dark, but while I drive I watch the sky as it changes.  Last night was stunning.


Girls Day In The Woods

After a break from going for a ride along to the woods, the girls got to go yesterday.  Up in the mountains of Western Shasta County, Blitz and Teka were in dog heaven.

golden retriever, pickup, ride, dogs photography

Blitz would prefer to ride up front.

Western Shasta area.

Western Shasta area.

golden retriever, snow, dog, photography

Blitz loves the snow.

golden retriever, snow, dog, photography

Blitz enjoys a fine piece of wood.

golden retriever, snow, dog, photography


Golden Retriever, dog, snow photography

Teka Playing in the snow

golden retriever, snow, dog, photography

Blitz and Teka having a romp in the snow.

golden retriever, snow, dog, photography

It’s a race.

golden retrievers, dogs, woods

The girls are loaded up and ready to roll.

Nature, photography, Trinity,  Alps

View to the West of the Trinity Alps.

The perfect end to a perfect day.  A fiery Shasta sunset.

The perfect end to a perfect day. A fiery Shasta sunset.

I Needed This Day

Some days I need to experience the beauty in my world.  Today was one of those days. Today was exceptional.  Here are some pictures I would like to share with you.  Today the sun shone warm.  Tomorrow a storm is coming.White fir, Aspen, forest, blue sky

reflection, floating, leaf, water

wild turkey, turkey

Black Butte, cinder cone, cattle, black angus


Yet Another Fire

Stafford fire from Anderson

Another fire broke out in the north state.  This one is the Stafford Fire and is threatening the town of Hayfork.  These fires with all the destruction and chaos they bring with them often finish the day with one last bit of drama.

Stafford Fire Sunset