Girls Day In The Woods

After a break from going for a ride along to the woods, the girls got to go yesterday.  Up in the mountains of Western Shasta County, Blitz and Teka were in dog heaven.

golden retriever, pickup, ride, dogs photography

Blitz would prefer to ride up front.

Western Shasta area.

Western Shasta area.

golden retriever, snow, dog, photography

Blitz loves the snow.

golden retriever, snow, dog, photography

Blitz enjoys a fine piece of wood.

golden retriever, snow, dog, photography


Golden Retriever, dog, snow photography

Teka Playing in the snow

golden retriever, snow, dog, photography

Blitz and Teka having a romp in the snow.

golden retriever, snow, dog, photography

It’s a race.

golden retrievers, dogs, woods

The girls are loaded up and ready to roll.

Nature, photography, Trinity,  Alps

View to the West of the Trinity Alps.

The perfect end to a perfect day.  A fiery Shasta sunset.

The perfect end to a perfect day. A fiery Shasta sunset.

61 thoughts on “Girls Day In The Woods

    • They had a great day, but today is stormy and they had to stay home. Blitz was okay because she had the spot in front of the wood stove, but Teka was not happy about being left and lobbied hard for me to take her.


  1. They look like they do that typical teasing game with something in their chops and then running away from each other or you Tim 😉
    Lots of Zzzzzz later on I bet !


    • It is an interesting question. When we have had a pack member die, we have seen certain dogs grieve and a disruption to the pack by all of them. I takes a little while for things to settle down. When a dog leaves to go somewhere else, I don’t see the same response. It is like they understand that the dog that left is just living elsewhere.

      When Tessa was with us and having puppies, and it was time for her puppies to leave with their new families, we discovered that it was important for her to see them leave. When she watched them go, she was totally okay. If she didn’t see them leave, she would wander all over forlornly looking for them.

      Conversely, we have found if the remaining dogs are with us when we are burying a pack member that has passed, they get upset. If we don’t let them be there, it seems to be easier.

      I expect that when Teka goes home, Blitz will become more playful with me, because there will be a bit of a void. In the past we had a lot of dogs so there was alway someone else to play with, but this time there is only Nellie and Blitz’s people (me and Mary).


      • When Hawk, mate to Blitz, died, she looked for him. When she saw another dog in the distance, she would run toward the dog tail high and happy. Then as she got into sniffing range, her tail would hang and the disappointment would spread across her face. Having Teka to play with has been good for her.
        When Kate died years ago, her mate Bo, laid at her grave for two weeks.
        I have never seen one of our dogs do this when another simple leaves. From their behavior, I think they know it is different.


        • Thank you Mary for adding your observations too. Those incidents you write of must have been sad for y’all as well, I know that you both must be very attached to your dogs. Maybe some of them or more of a favorite than others but you really know your dogs. You and Tim impress me so much with your love for the golden retriever breed. I think both of you probably know many things about the breed that is not even “in the books.”

          I truly think that you should do a book with photos and paintings to accompany the stories. I know that I would buy it for sure. Some of what you wrote in your answer to my question touched my heart. So sad to read about Bo lying on Kate’s grave. That is the only way he could moun and it had to have been doubly sad for you and Tim to watch how much he grieved.



          • It was indeed sad. There was nothing to do for him, but be patient. When he grieved enough he became super playful, which at first seemed odd until we realized that we were his only playmates after losing Kate. So we played a lot.


          • That is interesting and touching how his humans became his soul mates and play mates.If he had not adjusted that would not have been good for him at all. I think grief for an animal can be as bad as for a human. It leads to poor health and all kinds of issues. Thanks for the reply Tim.


      • Thank you both for answering my question about grief. It is intresting to me as I have seen it with a few of my dogs and some that were not affected by ths death of a pack member. It seems so sad to me regarding your observations of the golden’s when one merely left to return home as opposed to a grieving process when a friend or a “relative” died. I have read and heard various people’s assumptions regarding the intelligence of dogs and if “they” really understand that another dog has died. I believe the same as you and Mary that dogs know one is dead. And, indeed they need to have that final closure of being at the burial just as most humans feel when a loved has departed. It is something that is inate in humans and in other animals as well. I’ve observed it in some of my cats. I’ve seen photos of elephants grieving over a dead one of their own and several other species of animals as well.


  2. Beautiful dogs. They look like they’re fun to play with. My dog loves the snow too. He’s a little chihuahua, so when it’s deep he kind of pops in and out of it like a little rabbit. It’s very entertaining to watch.


  3. Well the Artist always does justice to something so lovely on the large canvas equally as well as on the small canvas. :)!!… Beauitful girls, beautiful sky, beautiful world! Hope the Artist’s are doing great! 🙂


  4. Hey there, thanks for liking my photos, yours are excellent – the scenery was breathtaking and also the girls are adorable. I look forward to following your blog and seeing more to come. ~LJ


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