Sunset Season


For me this is the sunset season.  We don’t get a lot of the climate conditions in the Summer for spectacular sunsets, unless we have smoke in the skies from wildfire.  Over the Winter we get spectacular sunsets, which I enjoy as I drive home from the woods.  I get home after dark, but while I drive I watch the sky as it changes.  Last night was stunning.


48 thoughts on “Sunset Season

  1. Stunning is a good word for this. Great photos, well framed and composed. The eye of the photographer is the selection tool, the moment is the decision, the result is the art.
    A little up or down, a little to the left or right and they wouldn’t be the same. good stuff.


  2. Tim, it is amazing, looks as if the sky on fire or after a good make-up. We had many good sunsets this year also. Love it when there are some clouds in the air it give an extra dimension, beautiful


    • Thank you Doron. I stopped and took some pictures, because it looked so nice. Then as I drove I was facing the Eastern sky and it was full of subtle colors, so I stopped again. Then when I got out to take the pictures and turned around the Western sky had exploded with bright color. I almost missed the big event. It pays to stop and smell the roses, or in this case to take in the sunset.


    • Thank you Helen. I had to tweek my settings a bit and play with the composition. The second picture was down near a stream, so I had to climb down a hill and claw my way through some brush to get the view I wanted. It was worth it I think.


  3. These are beautiful, Tim. It is true that winter generally has the best sunsets. Generally here in Cen-Tex is happens abotu a day or so before rain or a norther. Those sunsets always precede a weather change. That is generally the best time for the most vibrant colors. At least that has been my experinence where I live.


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