Carr Fire Sunset

I’ve taken so many picture of the sunsets during the Carr Fire.  Here is another set. I took these about ten days ago. We are still getting the surreal sunsets. The fire is contained and the burnout operations are done. Other fires are burning in the area. We won’t be without the smoke anytime soon.


19 thoughts on “Carr Fire Sunset

  1. Thanks for sharing these amazing pictures. These enormous fires are so frightening and disturbing. For someone like you who knows the forests so well, it must be sad to see. Where I live, on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, we had an enormous smoke/ash cloud pass over yesterday and the day before with an eerie orange full moon and strange filtered hazy light all day. Clearer today. That was just one day for us! You folks in the west are having all this for weeks and weeks. I hope that all the fires are contained and that you have clear air to breathe again soon!

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    • Thanks, me too. There have been a lot of folks leaving the area for a while just for the clear air. We will probably be suffering the smoke for another month and a half. That’s just the way our climate is, dry summers.


  2. Tim, it’s hard to believe that something so devastating can be so beautiful! We have experienced some hazy skies in Myrtle Beach, SC recently, which meteorologists say is due to all the fires out west. I am sorry this happens so frequently in your area! Glad there’s some good news you can report.

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    • Yes, the Carr Fire situation is definitely. Now we have the Hirz Fire burning north of Redding so the smoke keep coming. That one isn’t as close to heavy populated areas as the Carr was. Hirz is in extremely rugged country and will probably be putting up smoke until the fall rains come.


    • We were not in the path of the Carr fire, but it was on the other side of Redding. It burned 230,000 acres and over 1600 structures, mostly homes. When we moved back to this area years ago we looked at property in the area that burned, but we chose to live on the east side because the fire danger was far less. I’m glad we did.

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  3. I can’t belive that moon is really pink. We are visiting my son’s family in Boise right now. The skyies have been cleared here for the last few days, but when we got here there were air quality alerts. I hope things settle down soon.

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