I Needed This Day

Some days I need to experience the beauty in my world.  Today was one of those days. Today was exceptional.  Here are some pictures I would like to share with you.  Today the sun shone warm.  Tomorrow a storm is coming.White fir, Aspen, forest, blue sky

reflection, floating, leaf, water

wild turkey, turkey

Black Butte, cinder cone, cattle, black angus


43 thoughts on “I Needed This Day

  1. what a beautiful and clear day; one can almost step into the scene and experience a walk in nature.

    i am delighted to slow down long enough to finally connect you/your blog with mary/backdoor artist! it’s like rediscovering childhood friends!



  2. I always think one’s lucky to see these sort of things… I had taken a picture of the sky on my phone the other day, so I don’t lost those crimson, blue, pink all mixed up hues…as if it was ‘now or never…’ to capture the colors…You have a great eye for these things… Also…The second picture, seems like a optical illusion…not sure if the leaves are touching water? Can’t be cuz it’s like a mid air shot…But then what’s the blur around the leaves? I wonder…Looking forward to more posts from the Artist’s… :)…


    • Thank you Divya. Those moments like the blue, pink all mixed up hues do pass quickly. We all have them and we all see them, but we all don’t get the picture. You stopped and took the picture. That’s all you have to do. The leaf was floating on the water. I was at the right place at the right time. Inspiration, luck and action.


  3. Beautiful photography! I love your first photograph all the way to the last – makes one appreciate the beauty we have around us. This was a gift, thank you ~ looking forward to exploring more of your blog. You have amazing talent and how cool that you have a number of mediums to turn too. Nice to meet you Tim!


  4. I really like the close up of the leaves – not easy very well done only wish I could take pictures that capture the correct object, am learning and hopefully one day. Perhaps you could give me some pointers on close ups?


  5. Hi Tim,
    What a beautiful day you had. Sunset at the end topped it off real nice! The wild turkey. I see a lot more of them these last couple years. Before I only saw them in pictures. Now I see them in every farmer’s field and at the edge of the woods all the time.


  6. I know exactly what you mean. Of our twenty acres, only a small part is not in forest. But I love taking photographs of the clearing beside our cabin. This year I think I took at least one photograph a day of that area. I want to, over the winter months, look at them side by side and see how the clearing changed day by day. The other day, as I sat there on the porch, looking out over the clearing, I wanted to take a photo, but forgot to bring out my camera. I knew that by the time I went in and got it, I would miss the moment, so I just sat and enjoyed it. The clouds were so amazing. They look piled up, but there were strips of blue cutting across. This morning, it’s very gray. Winters used to be a season I endured, but I see much to glean from them now. Thank you for your observations and photographs about the world there about you. You make the ordinary extraordinary.


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