The Goldens

32 thoughts on “The Goldens

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  2. Oh my gosh!! Every one of these was wonderful! That first picture of Nellie is still a favorite that I’ve seen here. There are five dogs in one picture. Did you really have five dogs at one time? We had four, but only have one left. I pine for more dogs. Blaze and Hunter up close are adorable, I love Blaze on the truck cab, and your artwork is so good. Really enjoyable, Tim.


  3. I just come from Yvonne who posted a poem for you. Pictures of your dogs are wonderful. I lost two of my dogs recently, Lady was 7 and Fanny who died in January 14. I still have a little fellow of 12 years’ old. I am glad I found your blog


  4. Your dogs are lovely. They have lovely color!!! In Sweden our Goldens are usually much lighter. It is a nice combination: dogs an watercolors 🙂 Like that!


    • Thanks you so much. We definitely favor the red golden retrievers. Our dogs are hunting dogs and run in events. Most goldens that come from hunting lines here favor the darker colors, but there are many that are lighter too. We have raised them for many years and enjoy thier company enormously. I can see by your blog that you too enjoy your dogs very very much. 🙂


  5. Lovely rich red coloured goldies, in UK they are more cream coloured, though we do get some real ‘goldies’ more the working strain as yours appear to be. lovely pictures with each one telling a story.


  6. Hey Tim,
    LOVE the beautiful pictures 🙂 We would love to know if you and Mary are still breeding… Our 10 year old Red Tail golden, Kona is precious to us and looking to add another someday to our family. Thank you for your time.

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  7. We bought a lighter Golden puppy a few years ago when our daughter first came to live with us out of foster care, but my husband and son are the ones who became obsessed with her. She is such an amazing dog. Yours are gorgeous.

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