Sunrise Curtain

Mary and I always rise before the sun.  It is the time of day that we solve all the world’s problems, over a cup of coffee.  This morning old Tom dog asked to go out.  When I opened the front door, God poked me right in the eyes with a spectacular sunrise.  As the sunrise curtain was lifted, our morning guests were revealed.
sunrise, orange, photography, nature
The sun serves us glorious notice of it’s pending arrival.
nature photography, photography, sunrise

The trees are ablaze.

Buck, black tailed deer, deer, wildlife, photography, nature
A mysterious visitor sneaks by at sunrise.
Goldeneye, duck, wildlife, photography

A male Common Golden-eye visits our pond.

coot, duck, nature, wildlife, photography

Our constant guest the American Coot.

ring neck duck, duck, nature, wildlife, photography
A pair or Ring Neck ducks have take up residence.
Buck, black tailed deer, deer, wildlife, photography, nature
The morning rendezvous.
Buck, black tailed deer, deer, wildlife, photography, nature

Striking a pose.

68 thoughts on “Sunrise Curtain

  1. Gee, these are all so good but I favor the first two photos. Outstanding. And the stag standing on the ridge as if he posed just for you. The ducks are good too. You and Mary are fortuante to live where and as you do. And you both appreciate what surrounds you and the gifts of nature that you are blessed with.


  2. I’m not a morning person like you – shame too, because I actually like the morning time – so I miss a lot of the deer that pass through our field and woods – all I’m left with are their foot prints on what we call our ‘deer highways’.


  3. Really enjoyed your site, and thanks for visiting Gwichyaa Zhee. I had to laugh about getting up before the sun – we can get up at 9:30 and stil have time for coffee before the sun peeks at us! What a pastoral life you lead. Wonderful!


    • I’m glad you enjoyed the visit. Tomorrow is my favorite day of the year because the days begin to lengthen. I would love to visit Alaska, but I wouldn’t think much of the short days this time of year. I love your photography. You have some stunning pictures.


      • Thank you. A beloved hobby these days. All done with a Coolpix and a Sureshot. The long nights don’t really last long; by February we will have lots of light again. I plan to do some “night” (ha!) photography since I don’t have to stay up late to do it. Just waiting for a few degrees warmer – the little cameras balk at 50 below.


          • Hey, many thanks for visiting the site. I hope you will return and leave advice for the kids. It is my hope that visitors will leave constructive criticism (although bloggers are a bit shy about doing this) and expose my students to new perspectives. Children everywhere have a head start nowadays – a phone makes everybody a photographer. 🙂 But I do have several students with talent and passion for the art. We share two point and shoot cameras at the moment, but we are hoping to get a few more for next semester. We are a very small school in a very small village, so we are used to making do. Our biggest problem was unforseen – our bandwidth is too small for the kids to post during their classtime most days! We are still figuring out how to get them experience with the posting without me doing it for them after hours. The holidays are upon us now, so you won’t see much change in the blog until the kids return after the new year. Thanks again!


  4. Hope your eye’s better. Still, God was right to get your attention, and thanks so much for posting the results. Looks like the curtain goes up every morning on paradise. That first photo is an absolute stunner– cheers, Tim! : )


  5. Tim, lovely photos, doubt we can have any sun rise like the one you took as at the moment ii is a nonstop rain for days. We probably will end up floating around the corner from you shortly. Hope you are having a great Christmas with the family.


    • We could use a sunrise like that right now too. We have also had buckets of rain. You may have to rescue us when you float by. We did have a nice Christmas, but back to work today. I hope you and your family are also having a great Christmas.


    • Thank you Symone. It is so difficult to find time for extras with kids in the house. Your kids are beautiful. Mine are grown and we are on to grandkids now. I think your blog is a ministry that will inspire others with special needs children. Kodi is lucky to have you. Thanks for the visit.


    • We are into the time of year we seem to get more beautiful sunrises and sunsets. I will often stop on the way home from work to take pictures. I haven’t posted any for a while.

      I enjoy your sunset pictures very much, and will probably never have the chance to see a Corsican sunset, so thank you Paula for sharing yours. 🙂


  6. thats how we start our day ..we as in me and my zoo LOLs…its amazing what they can share about the state of the world through their eyes, and yes Maya ( my wolf) has a little bit of coffee too…she asks for it I am not forcing her to drink it…so please don;t send the animal gurus on me

    your photographs are incredible..and I wander a bit through the watercolors..stunning..
    the sketch on the top of your blog reminds me of my grandpa ( he was a farmer,)
    I think its the strength I feel from the image…Beautiful…

    your first photograph? has a baby dragon on the branch…( yes I am one of those who sees those dragons and angels in clouds too *smile*)
    Thank you for stopping by to see my thoughts I tumble out…I appreciate it….
    I will enjoy wandering through yours….
    Take Care….You Matter…


    • Thank you so much Mary Rose. I so appreciate your kind words. You certianly are gifted at turning “thoughts into words” and do so fearlessly. Thanks for coming by and I will have to spend more time checking out your posts. 🙂


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