Osprey Baby Picture!

I’ve been watching, taking pictures and watching some more to get a shot of the osprey chicks.  Mostly, what I got was this.

Osprey, photography, nature, wildlife, osprey chick

The Look!  Are you lookin’ at me!

Sitting on the poles eating fish. It’s all good fun but where are the chicks?

Osprey, photography, nature, wildlife, osprey chick

What’s for lunch? Fish of course.

Then yesterday a chick got high enough on the nest to get a shot.  I have seen them through the nest since last week, but I couldn’t get a clear picture.

Osprey, photography, nature, wildlife, osprey chick

Finally, a baby picture!

Not the sharpest picture, but a start.  It looked like she was feeding two, but I never got a look at another.

Blue skies from now on.

Blue skies from now on.

I was planning a sketch of the view through the nest from last week, since I couldn’t get a shot.  This was the rendition I was planning.  A quick and dirty sketch of the scene with a few less sticks.

Osprey, pen and ink, ink, nature, wildlife, osprey chick

Feeding Time

This is also my Thursday drawing for Z’s  challenge for art at Zeebra Design.





56 thoughts on “Osprey Baby Picture!

  1. OH Baby Osprey ! that’s so good to see Tim after what feels along time somehow ..
    I love your drawing … such a nice moment you’ve chosen to portray .


  2. Great shots! When I lived in Florida, I would see an osprey pair that nested in a street sign. They finally did have chicks, but they were hard to see until they finally started flying.


    • A street sign. I love that. I’ve taken a lot of pictures of many of the nests around here and they are quite creative where they will put them, but I have never seen one in a street sign.


    • Thanks Z. Last night it was after 9pm (bedtime) when I sat down draw. I had just fed the dogs and let them out for them out for their post dinner airing out. I got everything ready when Teka barked that she was ready to come back in. When I opened the door I was greeted by the staggering aroma of “Ode de Skunk.” Finally, after bathing two dogs with Mary’s help I finished my sketch in bed. I almost didn’t make the Thursday deadline. :/


  3. I just discovered this post of yours. Wow! That close-up is amazing. I went kayaking on a lake a few days ago and there were Ospreys flying all over the place. I probably saw a dozen. I was snapping photographs like crazy, but never got anything even a tenth as awesome as your photograph. Good job!


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