Otter In The Water

otter, pen and ink, drawing, ink, wildlife

Otter in pen and ink.

I did this drawing at the same time as “Forestry Friday … Otter, Otter, Otter.” I’m just now getting around to posting it.

otter, bullfrog, wildlife, nature, photography

Our local otter enjoying a yummy frog breakfast!

Pen and ink prints available at Fine Art America.

40 thoughts on “Otter In The Water

    • Thanks Susan. I enjoy watching them too. They’re such playful and curious little critters, but in the boat may not be so good. We have a floating platform at work that holds one of our pumps. The otters think it’s a combination sundeck and bathroom. My crew hates going out on it because of all the otter bisquits!

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    • Thanks Poppy! He is cheeky alright. After I took a bunch of pictures he swam over to me as if I was some paparazzi. Then he refused to sign the model release. Well, I published it anyway. Hope he doesn’t sue. Just keep it between us, okay. πŸ˜‰

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    • Thank you Anna. I find sorting out the detail of a subject can be hard. I tend to put more in then leaving it out. However, doing water in pen and ink really makes me tone down my detail. It’s so amorphous with so many gradients that I have to simplify.

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  1. You make it look so easy to do, yet for someone like me who cannot draw a stick figure, it seems impossible to capture the playful demeanor. You have achieved that, you can see the naughtiness in the facial expression.

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