Parbuckling Sugar Pine

50 thoughts on “Watercolors

  1. You are very talented. I’m wondering if you can help me with something I’m using watercolor on….I’m using watercolor on Mulberry Paper over a linoleum print, and I want to age the entire image (an antique look). Can I use a light wash of burnt sienna, or will that smear the dried paint? Any advice would be appreciated.


    • Hi Shawn, I have to say I haven’t used Mulberry paper and I don’t know what paints are on the print. That being said I think the biggest factors on whether or not it will smear is the pigment, thickness of the paint and how long it is wet while being worked. Some watercolor pigments can be lifted off the paper and some can’t. The thicker the paint the more likely it will smear. Also, don’t overwet it or the paint might migrate on it’s own. If you have the paint from the original print, do a test piece to put the wash on to see if the paints smear. Also, when you apply it, be sure to mix enough to do the entire print in one shot. You want to do it fast because the dry paint will loosen the longer it is wet after the wash is applied. If you spread it on quickly and don’t rework over the same area it will probably be okay. Don’t spread it on and keep retouching here and there or it will loosen the paint. Definitely, do a test piece first that is your best insurance for a good result. If you don’t have the original material to test then test a tiny edge part of the print first. If that works wait until the test spot is completely dry before going over the entire piece.

      Just remember you are gambling so don’t gamble something you aren’t prepared to lose.

      Lastly, thank you for service. I have two sons. Both have also been in the Air Force and my youngest is still in.


  2. Aww thanks. I try to keep everything under an hour (would rather keep it to half hour, but I usually get carried away). Really just trying to keep up a drawing practice until my schedule opens up a bit for watercolor. I have a lot to learn in all mediums but I’m having a good time! Do you work mostly from life, or from photos?

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    • Mostly from photos. I’m fortunate to get a lot of excellent photo opportunities. I have endeavored to create a massive photo library to use for reference. Good reference material is so important. I try to do a bit of life drawing here and there, but I don’t have a lot of time for that. Also, animal don’t stand still.


  3. These are awesome. The large mouth bass, and the bluebird are my favorites. For some reason right now my favorite art subjects are flowers, fish, and birds so maybe that’s why I chose those two as favorites.

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  4. Incredible. I love watercolors but just haven’t been able to make them cooperate. I find it to be a very challenging medium. You really create lovely work in this medium. 😊

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    • I’m with you Lindsay, I think it’s challenging too. There is so much I have yet to master. It’s the creativity that makes it fun for me. Watercolor is so full of surprises. Sometimes good an sometimes character building. 😏

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  5. Wow… really stunning work here! I just picked up a watercolour set and I’m about to delve in. I mostly work with acrylics and/or brush markers, so this is new to me. Your paintings are inspiring! Thank you for sharing. : )

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