Wild Wednesday … Wiley Coyote?

Wild as in wildlife. Naturally, the coyote comes after the roadrunner.

coyote, watercolor, watercolour, pen and ink, ink drawing, wildlife

Coyote in mixed media. Done with pen and ink, and watercolor.

I enjoy seeing wild coyotes and I see them often. As a dog lover, I’m sympathetic toward them. On the flip side I have no illusions about their predator nature and I keep an eye out for our pets and livestock.


This coyote was just west of the house. She came cruising through and posed very politely.

Ranchers have to protect their livestock because it’s their livelihood. Coyotes have to hunt because it’s their livelihood. It’s a tough reality for coyotes and ranchers alike. All part of the harsh balance of nature.


It’s tough being a coyote.

62 thoughts on “Wild Wednesday … Wiley Coyote?

  1. Very interesting post! There´s no graciousness in nature, but nature only kills to survive (I think). There´s also no greed in nature. So all stays in balance. I really like your pictures (photo and painting) – I had no clue that coyotes look that much like foxes – at least their face. I see so much of them in my dog´s face, it´s funny. 😊

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  2. Naturally, the coyote comes after the roadrunner. I loved this line. Yes, you are right. I love the drawing and its color. Nice! Glad you got a pose from the coyote. It’s as if he knew he’d be famous. When I was a kid, a bear posed for me at Yellowstone. What a thrill for me as I took his picture. I imagine bears posed a lot there.

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  3. Tim, Really great painting of the Wiley one. We see so many of these critters as they are plentiful. They definitely take an enormous toll on the pheasant population so they don’t tend to have a generous welcoming committee. Because of their predatory ways, they are often viewed through a scope!

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    • Thank you Jill!

      There are two bachelorette sisters (in their 90’s now) that have a big ranch up the creek from us. One of the sisters was upstairs in her room, when she looked out the window she saw a coyote in the pasture. She grabbed her rifle from the corner of her room and promptly dispatched it with one shot. Downstairs she ran, where she met her sister, also holding a rifle. She said to her sister “I just shot a coyote!” To which her sister replied “Me too!” They both shot it simultaneously.

      True story.


  4. Wow, that’s a gorgeous painting, Tim. I also love and respect coyotes. Our (very domestic) dogs had a close call with a couple one winter morning in the Nevada desert…the coyotes came over a hill, split up and closed in to flank the dogs–who didn’t even notice them! Lucky we were there and they weren’t lunch. Best to you, Vivian

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  5. I love coyotes and love hearing them howl at night. We have a reasonable number of them around here, but they have never bothered our chickens (or geese when we had them…but then, few things will bother crazy geese…LOL!). Neighbors’ dogs have killed many of our chickens, but coyotes, nary a one. I like the pen-ink and watercolor look. 🙂


    • Thanks Teresa. We had the same experience. Dog problems, but not coyote problems. The skunks are notorious chicken killers too.

      When our boys were little they would go up to our kennel to feed the dogs at night. If the dogs hadn’t eaten all their food from the day before, they’d throw it out behind the kennel. We kept going out and seeing coyotes running away from the kennel. The dogs barked like crazy, but the coyotes only ran when people came out. They were coming in for the wasted kibble. We told the boys to stop dumping out the day old food and the coyotes quit coming around.


  6. We have been seeing them all over New York City this Spring no doubt their habitat has been disturbed and they are looking for mates. People are freaking out. I don’t think they would bother me in the wild but I don’t want to see them on Madison Avenue.

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  7. We have lots of coyotes here…and they are much bigger now and not as afraid….they come closer to the house and watch us more….it is creepy how much they have changed since I was young when they were scared and not so big.

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  8. Wonderful painting. We are lucky here. I get to admire the coyotes we see and don’t have to worry about their predation. I felt so blessed to see the puppies in our back yard area near the pond and in our front flower beds. I would worry if I had a cat or a small do though.

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