Wild Wednesday … Lucky Bucks!


It’s summertime and the living is easy.


This group of bucks was just down the road from the house.


In our backyard another buck eats his fill out on the island our the pond.


With a full belly he wandered up the ridge.

Forestry Friday … California Colors

I’m showing off some of our Northern California fall colors. I know you folks back east are thinking “I don’t see the color!” We make do with what we have.

Wild Wednesday … Ospreys of Oroville

Osprey, fledgling, wildlife, photography

Osprey nest overlooking Lake Oroville.  I really love this nest. It’s such a classic. 

I haven’t posted much about our local ospreys this year, so here’s a teaser. They had an excellent year. Nearly all the local nests were occupied with fledglings. There will be more posts to come. 

Our Northern California Skies

The Northern California skies from sunup to sundown.