16 thoughts on “Wildlife

  1. Great pictures, all of them – but especially the birds, I admit.

    I’m impressed how you get them all down the page like that. Not sure how you do that.


    • Thanks Noeleen, I’m glad you like them.

      As for getting them to tile like that, you have to go to the dashboard. Then go to the left sidebar and click on page. Then when it displays the page I hit edit on the page I want and it brings up the editable page. Then click on the image rectangle and it will bring up a little edit square next to a delete square. Click on the edit square and it will bring up the gallery. On the right sidebar is Gallery Settings. Click the drop down for Type and then pick Tiled Mosaic. Easy….right? It isn’t bad after you use it a few times.

      I’m sorry, my own instructions are giving me a headache!


  2. Very nice photography. Since I live by a lake, I am familiar with many of the birds. While standing on the balcony, I got to watch a hawk take it’s first flight which came within a foot of where I was standing. I could look it in the eye! It was fascinating.


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