Morning Light Evening Light

This morning the light on the ridge was glorious! A harbinger of a beautiful day. Then it began to drizzle. When the light faded it went quickly. Last week was a beautiful evening that made the entire sky glow. I took pictures in all directions.

Our Northern California Skies

The Northern California skies from sunup to sundown.

Sunrise at the Sawmill

sunrise, sawmill

This morning’s sunrise over the otter pond at the sawmill.

This morning, sunrise was quite a treat for the eyes.  Even in the middle of a large industrial site you can find a moment to enjoy nature.

Lassen Peak, Mt Lassen, sawmill, sunrise

Looking east over the mill site toward Lassen Peak.

red tail hawk, red tailed hawk, log, sawmill

A red tail hawk perches on a log deck while on a morning hunt.

logs, log deck, wood

The big log deck forms a wall of wood.

heron, great blue heron, blue heron, wildlife, sawmill

A great blue heron gets in a bit of morning fishing.

Sunrise Curtain

Mary and I always rise before the sun.  It is the time of day that we solve all the world’s problems, over a cup of coffee.  This morning old Tom dog asked to go out.  When I opened the front door, God poked me right in the eyes with a spectacular sunrise.  As the sunrise curtain was lifted, our morning guests were revealed.
sunrise, orange, photography, nature
The sun serves us glorious notice of it’s pending arrival.

nature photography, photography, sunrise

The trees are ablaze.

Buck, black tailed deer, deer, wildlife, photography, nature
A mysterious visitor sneaks by at sunrise.

Goldeneye, duck, wildlife, photography

A male Common Golden-eye visits our pond.

coot, duck, nature, wildlife, photography

Our constant guest the American Coot.

ring neck duck, duck, nature, wildlife, photography
A pair or Ring Neck ducks have take up residence.
Buck, black tailed deer, deer, wildlife, photography, nature
The morning rendezvous.

Buck, black tailed deer, deer, wildlife, photography, nature

Striking a pose.