Pen And Ink

87 thoughts on “Pen And Ink

  1. Hello and thanks for dropping in to my blog. I always enjoy a fellow artist, you have some very fine art work and done with a passion for the great outdoors, I also like your photographs. Great collection of images. I hope you have plans to get your art work out there more than just blogging. Wildlife and animal images are always in demand. Good stuff well done.


    • Thanks John. I’ve got some projects out there for the art. I haven’t pursued the photography. Maybe sometime, however I really appreciate your comment.

      By the way, I love your illustrations!


      • And thank you as well. I see you work in the timber industry, I have had a long history of working with wood, on the making things side of it . Worked many years in carpentry and did my art on the side too. About 30 years ago I started just doing art and design work, so I understand the doing two things at once.
        You have a great natural feel to your work, like one can feel the daylight and the moment. good stuff, thanks.


  2. Your drawings in ink are wonderful Tim! Creating that much detail with ink needs great skill, as erasers don’t work on it. I did a few portrait sketches using a normal ballpoint pen many years ago, but now I’m not sure whether I can draw without my kneaded eraser at hand!


    • Thank you so much Mary. What can I say. I prefer pen and ink, and watercolor. I’m a risk taker! I don’t need any erasers, however I do go through a lot of paper when I mess up. Did I say I go through a “LOT” of paper. 😉


    • Thank you Gaynor. I find your work beautiful. I will have to come back and look at your earlier posts. It is a wonderful thing that you are sharing you talent with student artists. That is a ministry all in it’s self.


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  4. Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my most recent post. It gave me a chance to check out your work. Your pen and ink drawings are great, I appreciate your love of nature.


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