Wild Wednesday … Ospreys of Oroville

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Osprey nest overlooking Lake Oroville.  I really love this nest. It’s such a classic. 

I haven’t posted much about our local ospreys this year, so here’s a teaser. They had an excellent year. Nearly all the local nests were occupied with fledglings. There will be more posts to come. 

Wild Wednesday …Osprey Update


One of the remaining osprey keeps watch from a nearby oak tree.

The surviving ospreys have seemed to rally this week after the helicopter incident I blogged about last week, Wild Wednesday … A Death In The Family. For most of the week only one young osprey was in the nest. It occasionally left, but would return later. It sat in the nest calling for food.


The young osprey waits.

After a few days, I saw the second young bird return. Then both called.

osprey, fishing, fish hawk

The other young osprey awkwardly comes in for a landing.


Waiting patiently for breakfast.

Eventually, I saw the parent osprey. She came in with a fish for the young birds, but didn’t give it to them. She flew to the edge of the tower and started calling the fledglings. When the youngster moved toward her, she lifted off and flew up river. She was training her young fish hawks.

osprey, fishing

She brings in a fish for teasing her youngsters into following her. Her behavior has inspired my confidence in their future success.

After examining the photos I took of the dead osprey, I’m pretty sure it was the male bird that was struck by the helicopter blade. Now, mother osprey soldiers on. No news yet on the Fish and Wildlife warden’s investigation.

Spring Wings!

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I first saw him last week, out back behind the mill.

I was pretty sure it was our male osprey on the snag behind the mill last week.  Then right on schedule our boy was back at the nest on Friday morning.  Last year he arrived on February 26th.  This year he showed February 28th.  Now he begins his vigil, as he waits for his mate to arrive.

Osprey, wildlife, sawmill, photography, nature

Back for a new year at the nest. He scans the horizon for his mate.

When the osprey arrive, I know that Spring is knocking on our door.  A few early flowers are blooming and the frogs are singing at night.  The little birds chase each other around the trees and buds are swelling.  We are finally getting some significant rain.  We may have a normal Spring after all.

Osprey, wildlife, sawmill, photography, nature

That fish is looking nasty!

You can see all about the nesting season 2013.

Painting Gone Wrong and Tiny Blue Hunters


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I felt like painting something different the other night, but then it went all wrong.  I picked this bluebird, from Bird On A Wire, not because the subject matter was different, but because I want to play with a different … Continue reading

Osprey Remodel

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The osprey returns to the nest with a stick.

They began rebuilding their nest the day she arrived and the two osprey were back together.  This is what they typically do after the winter storms take there toll on the nest.  This particular nest is only one year old and must have weathered the winter fairly well.  They spiffed it up the first day and that was that.  They moved in.

osprey, nest, wildlife, birds, nature, photography, birding

The building materials arrive.

osprey, nest, wildlife, birds, nature, photography, birding

Doing some touch up to the nest.

osprey, nest, wildlife, birds, nature, photography, birding

Off for more sticks.

osprey, nest, wildlife, birds, nature, photography, birding

Just a bit of work and this nest is good to go.

The picture below is how the nest looking in 2011.  Usually, they add a new layer to the nest every year.  Not so much this year.   In 2011 the nest had been built up much more and was on the opposite side of the tower.  Normally, the nest gets taller and taller until a severe Winter storm blows the top of it off.  I’ve seen the nest over 6 feet tall.  Last year the nest survived some very bad storms.  Late in the season the nest was gone after a moderate storm.  I checked under the nest for debris, but found very little.  I found out later that the local power company employees climbed the tower and removed the nest.

osprey, nest, wildlife, birds, nature, photography, birding

This was the nest in 2011.

When they osprey returned and found no nest they immediately started rebuilding.  Although, as often happens with men and women they had a bit of a disagreement.  They each began building nest on opposite sides of the tower.  As typically happens when there is a disagreement, she got her way and the nest ended up in it’s current location.

osprey, nest, wildlife, birds, nature, photography, birding

The is nothing more relaxing then a cozy nest.