Wild Wednesday … Waiting For Fish



bald eagle

Scanning the Sacramento River, this bald eagle is fishing for breakfast.

I saw the eagle perched near the boat ramp scanning the river. I couldn’t get a clear picture that wasn’t full of branches. I slid down the bank next to the water. Slid being the operative word, since I almost took a morning dip. I had a clear view for this shot. The eagle never gave me a look. I wasn’t a fish!

bald eagle

Perched in the tree tops beside the river waiting for a fish.

13 thoughts on “Wild Wednesday … Waiting For Fish

  1. So lovely. They reintroduced them to our area some years ago and now they are spreading out from the large man made reservoir. We see them occasionally across the lake.
    my brother-in-law got buzzed by one on his lawnmower. He said he could feel the air from the down beat of the wing stroke as it flew over him. I sure would have liked to have seen that.

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