Wild Wednesday … Together Again!

A week after the male osprey arrived the female showed up. They’re together again for another breeding season. While waiting for her to arrive he kept busy doing guy stuff. Click on the galleries to enlarge the pictures.

Apparently, an incident was witnessed by several coworkers between an eagle and the osprey. On Monday, one of the eagles showed up and began circling the nest. The male osprey took off and began to circle up to the eagle. When the osprey reached the eagle he began diving on it. After multiple diving runs the eagle began turn belly up to give the osprey its talons. The aerial combat went on until the eagle moved off.

Incidentally, I discovered this on the neighboring property. You have to click on the gallery to see the bald eagle on the nest.



Wild Wednesday … Eagles Nest?

This is week that the osprey customarily return to their nest in the electrical tower at the sawmill. I haven’t seen them yet. Usually the male shows up a week or two before the female. This year they will be in for a bit of a surprise. A little over a month ago a pair of eagles moved in. I’m not sure how this will go, but the eagle are a lot bigger than the osprey. I’d have to put my money on the eagles. Click on the gallery to enlarge to photos and get the dirt.

Below are a few of the osprey posts over the years.








Wild Wednesday … Waiting For Fish



bald eagle

Scanning the Sacramento River, this bald eagle is fishing for breakfast.

I saw the eagle perched near the boat ramp scanning the river. I couldn’t get a clear picture that wasn’t full of branches. I slid down the bank next to the water. Slid being the operative word, since I almost took a morning dip. I had a clear view for this shot. The eagle never gave me a look. I wasn’t a fish!

bald eagle

Perched in the tree tops beside the river waiting for a fish.

From Every Mountainside Let Freedom Ring

Eagle, Bald Eagle, 4th of July, Independence Day, nature, wildlife photography

Bald Eagle resting in a pine tree along the Trinity River.

“I believe there are more instances of the abridgement of freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments by those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.”

James Madison

Live, love and guard your freedom.  Have a happy independence day.

Eagle Week!

Bald Eagle, eagle, art, sketch, drawing, pen and ink

Bald Eagle

I bet you didn’t know it’s Eagle Week.  The fact is that I didn’t either.  It just turns out that it was for me anyhow.  Here is how it came to be.  One morning early in the week, I was driving by the boat ramp along the river when I spotted this huge bird.  It was a juvenile bald eagle and it was scanning the river for breakfast.  I took some pictures and went on my way.

bald eagle, juvenile, photography, nature, wildlife

A juvenile Bald Eagle.  It is starting to white up on the face and tail.

The next day, while driving through the foothills West of the valley, I came around the corner and lo and behold another huge bird.  This time it was a golden eagle.  I don’t see the golden eagles nearly as often.  So I stopped and took some pictures.

golden eagle, eagle, photography, nature, wildlife

The Golden Eagle

Advance ahead to yesterday, I was up in far Northeastern California.  I was passing through the Ash Creek Wildlife Area when I came  upon this beauty, a mature bald eagle.  I immediately stopped in the middle of the highway, since there is no place to pull off, to take some pictures.  Fortunatly, it is a lonely road and I could see for miles in both directions.

Bald Eagle, eagle, photography, nature, wildlife

The Bald Eagle.

Sitting high on the power pole it had a commanding view of its hunting grounds.

Bald Eagle, eagle, photography, nature, wildlife

Up close and personal, and giving me the stink eye.

This eagle wasn’t here by accident.  It was here for the enormous congregation of prey.  The wildlife area was absolutely brimming with waterfowl.

waterfowl, geese, duck, photography, nature, wildlife

Waterfowl congregating in huge numbers in the marsh.

It wasn’t until I started to leave that I realized that there was a pair of eagles.  The second eagle was sitting on the very next power pole.

bald eagle, eagle, pair, photography, nature, wildlife

Bald Eagle number two.  It think this one was a young bird.  Note the dark smudge on its face.

So you see, it was Eagle Week.  Who knew?