Wild Wednesday … Mill Birds

Just a few of the birds hanging out around the mill these days.

Sunrise at the Sawmill

sunrise, sawmill

This morning’s sunrise over the otter pond at the sawmill.

This morning, sunrise was quite a treat for the eyes.  Even in the middle of a large industrial site you can find a moment to enjoy nature.

Lassen Peak, Mt Lassen, sawmill, sunrise

Looking east over the mill site toward Lassen Peak.

red tail hawk, red tailed hawk, log, sawmill

A red tail hawk perches on a log deck while on a morning hunt.

logs, log deck, wood

The big log deck forms a wall of wood.

heron, great blue heron, blue heron, wildlife, sawmill

A great blue heron gets in a bit of morning fishing.

Hey, You Aren’t Supposed Be Here!

Egret, Cattle Egret, Bully Choop

Who is the brightest of them all?

It is a new year with new pictures to take, and new art to make.  I’m back at work and it is a beautiful, cool and sunny day here in Northern California.  I spend part of my time at an industrial mill complex.  When folks think of an industrial site they rarely think of doing wildlife photography.  Although, it seems counter-intuitive, this site is a magnet for wildlife.  There is water all around the site and the wild areas here, get little disturbance.  This morning I took a few pictures of some of our residents.  I have taken so many pictures of wildlife here at the mill that I am going to start a new catagory called Wildlife At The Mill.

Egrets, Cattle Egrets, Valley Oak

I’m not sure they are speaking to each other.

Logs, sawmill, mist, rails, crane

Mist forms as the icy logs begin to warm

The Great Blue Heron, also known as "The Fly Up The Creek".

The Great Blue Heron, also known as “The Fly Up The Creek”.