Wild Wednesday … Ospreys of Oroville

Osprey, fledgling, wildlife, photography

Osprey nest overlooking Lake Oroville.  I really love this nest. It’s such a classic. 

I haven’t posted much about our local ospreys this year, so here’s a teaser. They had an excellent year. Nearly all the local nests were occupied with fledglings. There will be more posts to come. 

4 thoughts on “Wild Wednesday … Ospreys of Oroville

  1. Happy to hear they are doing well and thriving! 🙂 I realize it was a different location, but I really hated to hear your helicopter story last year. I never get tired of watching the Osprey.


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    • I’ve been meaning to update everyone on how our local ospreys did this year and I will. It’s been one crazy year for us. I’m hoping for things to slow down a bit next year, but I’m not holding my breath.


  2. Such beautiful birds. I am glad it was a good year for them. We had a good year for our wildlife, I think. We have actually seen a few big bucks this fall for the first time in a few years and the coyote pups put in multiple appearances. We had a decent amount of rain spread out over the summer too which helps keep the food supply adequate for the winter.

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