Can’t Improve on Nature

Killdeer eggs. It’s kind of artsy don’t you think? I couldn’t improve on this.

Seriously, they look like they’ve had paint spattered on them.

The Birds of Spring

Our weather has been reaching the 70’s during the last week.  The grass is growing and buds are beginning to swell.  Around the Mill Site there is another sign of Spring.  Pairing off and searching for nest sites, the birds are all around.

wildlife, photography, killdeer

A killdeer scouting for a gravelly nesting site.

wildlife, photography, goldeneye, waterfowl, ducks

Goldeneye couple on the river.

wildlife, photography, cormorants, divers, waterfowl

The cororants relaxing.

wildlife, photography, mallards, ducks, drake, hen, waterfowl

A pair of mallard soon to be nesting.

wildlife, photography, goose, geese, Canada Geese, honkers, waterfowl

A beautiful pair of Canada geese.

Teka, golden retriever, geese, duck dog

Teka stares forlornly at a beautiful pair of Canada geese.

osprey, nest, wildlife, photography

The empty osprey nest waits for it’s builders to return. They should be here in the next couple of weeks. Truly a sign of Spring’s impending return.