Wild Wednesday … Lucky Bucks!


It’s summertime and the living is easy.


This group of bucks was just down the road from the house.


In our backyard another buck eats his fill out on the island our the pond.


With a full belly he wandered up the ridge.

8 thoughts on “Wild Wednesday … Lucky Bucks!

  1. It looks like they still are in velvet. I haven’t seen any of our bucks lately, but we have been seeing a bald eagle. We were having asome trouble with Canada geese trying to nest on our pond, but one day the eagle sat in a tree near the water’s edge and stared at tow pairs. There was much honking and marching about before the geese left – permanently. Thank you Mr. Eagle. This was the day after we saw the eagle kill a great blue heron in flight over the lake! They must have gotten too woirried to stay. LOL


    • Sounds like they left for good reason. You better keep that eagle. Seeing the eagle making a kill like that had to be pretty amazing. I just had a buck cross the road in front of me this week. he was in the process of shedding his velvet. I looked like moss hanging off his antlers.


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