Forestry Friday … California Colors

I’m showing off some of our Northern California fall colors. I know you folks back east are thinking “I don’t see the color!” We make do with what we have.

21 thoughts on “Forestry Friday … California Colors

  1. Those scenes are quite colorful for California! When I lived in Los Angeles my house was on a hill right above Tony Danza’s place and he planted sweetgums (liquidambar) all over his property I guess to give him some of the East Coast autumn blaze he grew up with. I got to share it!

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      • Tim, the foliage is not inadequate at all. It is what nature produced in your area and that is the beauty of various parts of the country. Here is my area it is pretty drab. There are no forests of gorgeous tree colors. One has to look for mini pockets of color such as found in the yards of some lucky folks that have either native or planted red oak or sumac.

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          • Actually I don’t. I’ve never been inspired because as I’ve written it is awfully boring scenery except for the odd tree here and there. If there is no fall rain then the leaves never become very pretty. There are some oaks, but most trees are hackberry, elm and some pecans. Along the rivers, sometime it is pretty but one needs to be in a boat to get to the beauty. So Tim, don’t sell your scenery short. It really is very pretty especially with the evergreens to add so much beauty.

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  2. Our fall here in New England has been very dry both this year and last so that the trees are barely hanging in there plus the gypsy moth attacked whole hillsides decimating the oaks and even eating the sugar maples. Still where there has been a band of rain move through there is some color from the red maples, acre rubrum.
    The colors are more muted as a result but are still very lovely. They are more like your golds but with out the deep greens.
    I ‘ll try to get a photo or two out on my blog later this week.
    . Thanks for posting these beautiful ;Northern California vistas.

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