Forestry Friday … It’s Take My Followers To Work Day!


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It’s take my followers to work day at the Forester Artist. Come along on one of my typical days. Having said that, rarely are my “typical” days typical. Let’s start by out checking in at the Pole Plant to see … Continue reading

Forestry Friday … The Grousing Grouse


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This pen and ink of a dusky grouse was inspired from a trip to the high country last summer. I always knew this bird as the blue grouse, but in recent years the name was changed to dusky grouse. Dusky … Continue reading

Forestry Friday … Winter Logging


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We’re into our Winter logging season now.  In California, logging in the Winter period is much more restrictive than during Summer.  We are limited to operating only in “dry rainless periods” or “hard frozen conditions.”  Right now we have both.  … Continue reading

Forestry Friday … Logcicles!


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We store logs in decks during the Summer so we have enough wood to run the mill all year-long.  Logging is curtailed in California during the Winter.  In the Winter logging is restricted to dry rainless periods or hard frozen … Continue reading

Forestry Friday … Ponderosa Pine


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The subject of this week’s Forestry Friday is Ponderosa pine.  It is a tree that I deal with in my job everyday.  I been involved in the harvesting and planting of millions of these trees.  Ponderosa pine is one of … Continue reading