Forestry Friday … It’s Take My Followers To Work Day!

It’s take my followers to work day at the Forester Artist. Come along on one of my typical days. Having said that, rarely are my “typical” days typical.

Let’s start by out checking in at the Pole Plant to see what shipped and delivered, check log quality, and find out what equipment broke.Β  Then to the office to make calls, check email, reviewΒ  reports, and write purchase orders, among other things. After that we’re off to the woods.

Most of my destinations are not very close. I do a lot of driving to visit the woods crews. Some days I visit over log quality and others I go to buy logs. On this day I was doing a log quality check. When I finish it’s time to drive home.

I took these pictures to let you see what my daily views are like. I hope you don’t mind sharing the front seat with Blitz. Enjoy the ride, it’s a lot less bumpy this way.

Click on the pictures to enlarge.



48 thoughts on “Forestry Friday … It’s Take My Followers To Work Day!

    • These days I’m in charge of pole manufacturing. Poles have to be cut to an entirely different and more difficult standard than sawlogs. Sizes in diameter and length are very specific and the have be free of defects like scars or rot. It takes some instruction to get it right. These logs end up as utility poles.


  1. I have an 80% indoor job, which is arguably not bad considering we have -F temps here. I would love to have an outdoor job someplace with nice weather! I’d also love to bring my dogs to work, surely they would also. Hoppy Easter! 🐰


    • Happy Easter to you and you family Ilex! We do get some pretty great weather Here. Although, it does get hot in the summer. Last year we pegged out at 117. Not as fun working outside on those days. πŸ™‚


  2. Thanks Tim for sharing your work day! I once had a great outdoor job where my dog rode alongside as we drove around the countryside. Being young then I yearned for ‘greater’ things but in truth that first job was pure happiness.


  3. So did that wild turkey go as slowly as possible across the road, knowing you weren’t going to squash him? Around here they’d rather walk than fly. I’ve almost nailed one (not intentionally) on occasion.


  4. Enjoyed being your companion for the day Tim … happy to see around your stamping ground … new birds and Blitz of course πŸ™‚


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