Shoot The Moon

moon, blue oak, photography

Moonrise through the blue oaks.

Last night, on my way home from the woods, I was treated to a beautiful moonrise.  The sunset wasn’t noteworthy, but the silhouetted trees were nice.

gray pine

Gray pine on the ridge.

Early this morning, well before sunup, Kinta the puppy needed to go outside to “doo” his business.  Blitz and I took him out for a moonlit walk.  The moon through the thin clouds demanded that I get my camera.

moonlit, moon, photography

A shy moon pulls its cloudy veil.

Our moonlit backyard.

Our moonlit backyard.  Venus shines above the moon.

golden retriever

Thanks Kinta! I’m glad you needed to go potty this morning.

48 thoughts on “Shoot The Moon

  1. Keep this great pictures coming in…. even if you need to sleep outdoor.. it just get better… I used to get my hand dirty… I’ll start taking photos in the dark instead.. make sure you have a key.


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