Forestry Friday … Forestry Quiz Question

Lodgepole pine, forestry

A lodgepole pine reaches for the sunshine, as we all should.

This week, Forestry Friday is a forestry quiz question. The question is about tree growth.  This question appeared on the California Professional Foresters Exam about thirty years ago.   Any junior forester or forestry student who missed this question probably failed the test and was definitely teased for it.  In California, foresters are required to pass this test in order to become a Registered Professional Forester (RPF).  It is illegal to practice forestry in the State without a license.  Now to test your forestry knowledge.

You nail a red tag on a Lodgepole pine tree at DBH.  DBH stands for Diameter at Breast Height, which is 4 1/2 feet about the ground as measured on the high side of the base or the tree.  The tree is growing in height at 2 1/2 feet per year.  In 10 years how high will the tag be above the ground?

I look forward to reading your answers Junior Foresters.  I will reveal the correct answer next week on the Forestry Friday post.

golden retriever, forestry

Blitz answers “who cares!  How high to the first stick is the real question.”

Snake On The Plane

gopher snake, snake, wildlife, pen and ink, art, drawing

Gopher Snake

We just returned from a visit to family in Arkansas and Louisiana.  I took my sketch book with me as I usually do.  I don’t get as much art time as I like so I grab it when I can.  I had the brilliant idea that I could draw on the plane.  I worked on one pen and ink, that has been a WIP, on the way there.  The ride was pretty smooth and I will post that picture in the future.

The return trip was a little different.  We had a four-hour leg from Houston to Sacramento.  I decided to challenge myself to complete this snake picture during the flight.  After subtracting the takeoff and landing and a couple visits from the drink cart, no adult beverages were involved, I really had less than three hours.  I had no help from the pilots, whom I am sure sought out as much extra turbulence as they could.  The line work is a bit spastic, but I hope it communicates snake.  Despite the turbulence and sitting in the middle of a three seat row in economy between Mary, small, and some 7’5″ guy on my right, yes I’m right-handed,  I managed to finish it.  It is a good thing for me that snakes don’t have any straight lines!

gopher, snake, wildlife, photography

My model!

I photographed this little gopher snake late this Summer.  It was my “Snake On The Plane.”  Mary thought I should have titled this post “Snake, Rattle and Roll!”  Great title, if it had been a rattlesnake I would have used it.

The Wildflowers Summer Left Behind


This gallery contains 20 photos.

Summer ended and with it the wildflowers, or so it seemed.  So I’ve watched and found many wildflowers here are still trying to squeeze out the last bit of warmth from the season.  Most have lost the luster of Spring.  … Continue reading

This Forester’s Bliss

Mary aka, Sneaking Bliss, loves writing about bliss.  Today she is celebrating a birthday and a big one at that.  Some birthday bliss is just what she deserves.

The Backdoor Artist, Mary, portrait

A little sketch I did of her while preparing to do a watercolor portrait.

Thinking about the day that she entered the world makes me reflect on the bliss she has brought me and so many others.  It is difficult to sum up all the experiences we have shared together.  Sometimes the journey has been like a bullet train moving way to fast leaving us wondering where the time went.  Other times it was like a wagon train head West, a difficult journey, but full of spectacular sights and hope for the future.  I’ve loved the journey with her.

Mary digging for gold.

Mary digging for gold.

It is your birthday today Mary, but I feel like the one who has been given a great gift.  Thank you for being my bliss.  Happy Birthday and I love you.

“If they gave me a fortune my pleasure would be small.  I could lose it all tomorrow and never mind at all, but if I should lose your love dear I don’t know what I’d do. For I know I’ll never find another you.”

The Seekers – Tom Springfield

I’ll Never Find Another You

Mary with gold

The Mystery of the Sunfish

I have posted very few of my pen and ink drawings, so I dug deep to and found an old sketch book from nearly 30 years ago.  Here are a couple of sunfish drawings for your consideration.

Sunfish 1

I drew these fish when I was in college.  One of my roommates was a wildlife major.  When I was half way through one of the fish I realized I made a HUGE mistake.  I finished the picture anyway.  Then I presented the picture to my roommate and asked if he could see anything wrong with it, but he thought it looked good.  Then I told him there was definitely something wrong with it.  He still couldn’t find anything wrong.  I finally had to tell him what it was.

Sunfish 2

Here is your challenge if you choose to accept it.  What is wrong with the picture?  I will give you one hint.  The mistake is in Sunfish 2.  A wildlife major couldn’t find it.  Can you?