Snake On The Plane

gopher snake, snake, wildlife, pen and ink, art, drawing

Gopher Snake

We just returned from a visit to family in Arkansas and Louisiana.  I took my sketch book with me as I usually do.  I don’t get as much art time as I like so I grab it when I can.  I had the brilliant idea that I could draw on the plane.  I worked on one pen and ink, that has been a WIP, on the way there.  The ride was pretty smooth and I will post that picture in the future.

The return trip was a little different.  We had a four-hour leg from Houston to Sacramento.  I decided to challenge myself to complete this snake picture during the flight.  After subtracting the takeoff and landing and a couple visits from the drink cart, no adult beverages were involved, I really had less than three hours.  I had no help from the pilots, whom I am sure sought out as much extra turbulence as they could.  The line work is a bit spastic, but I hope it communicates snake.  Despite the turbulence and sitting in the middle of a three seat row in economy between Mary, small, and some 7’5″ guy on my right, yes I’m right-handed,  I managed to finish it.  It is a good thing for me that snakes don’t have any straight lines!

gopher, snake, wildlife, photography

My model!

I photographed this little gopher snake late this Summer.  It was my “Snake On The Plane.”  Mary thought I should have titled this post “Snake, Rattle and Roll!”  Great title, if it had been a rattlesnake I would have used it.

23 thoughts on “Snake On The Plane

  1. Wishfull thinking Tim you probably had another drink doubt you wanted any snake on the plane, unless you wanted your sketch shaken not stirred. Another tool for artist accessory when sketching in the air… turbulence…. never thought you need any in your super paintings. Let me tell you Mary was right it is rattling to the sound of your brush, super.


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