The Mystery of the Sunfish

I have posted very few of my pen and ink drawings, so I dug deep to and found an old sketch book from nearly 30 years ago.  Here are a couple of sunfish drawings for your consideration.

Sunfish 1

I drew these fish when I was in college.  One of my roommates was a wildlife major.  When I was half way through one of the fish I realized I made a HUGE mistake.  I finished the picture anyway.  Then I presented the picture to my roommate and asked if he could see anything wrong with it, but he thought it looked good.  Then I told him there was definitely something wrong with it.  He still couldn’t find anything wrong.  I finally had to tell him what it was.

Sunfish 2

Here is your challenge if you choose to accept it.  What is wrong with the picture?  I will give you one hint.  The mistake is in Sunfish 2.  A wildlife major couldn’t find it.  Can you?

39 thoughts on “The Mystery of the Sunfish

  1. Ok, here’s my guess. There’s a different number of spines (for lack of a better word) protruding beyond the fins in the second pic, so perhaps that number is constant, like humans having five fingers and toes.


    • That’s a good answer, but I can’t remember when I did the pictures if I drew a correct number of spines. You may be right on that point. However, the mistake wasn’t really that obscure. In fact it is kind of glaring once you know what it is, but the longer you stare at the fish the harder it is to see.


  2. I don’t know, and I was a wildlife major – ha! Not a fisheries major, though. These illustrations are amazing!!!! Love them!


  3. I really enjoy your blog. Your drawings are so beautifully detailed. I am new to blogging and I am just discovering what a wonderfully, enjoyable blogging world it is out there. Thanks for sharing your lovely work and for visiting my site!


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    • That wasn’t the huge mistake I made. It was much dumber than that. These fish have an ear flap on the back of their gills that I did not feature prominently on these illustrations. So it could be argued that it was a mistake and I would concede it, but if you wast the other answer go to my post One Of These Fish Is Not Like The Other.


  6. Very nice drawings! As for the mistake… Maybe you draw one of them with the right (or left) side of your brain, because something in it looks kind of “reversed” 😉 And thanks for stopping by my blog!


  7. That was like playing Spot the Difference, only much more fun. You should do more of these ‘What’s wrong with the second picture?’ puzzles.


    • You know how it is when you get all intense on a project. I was 2/3s through it when I realized the scales were going the wrong way. It is kind of funny, but I have had more fun with this piece over the years then if it had been correct. I don’t know about puzzles though. I might have to wait until I make another mistake, which might not be a very long wait!


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