The Wildflowers Summer Left Behind

Chicory, wildflowers, nature, photography

Wild Chicory

Summer ended and with it the wildflowers, or so it seemed.  So I’ve watched and found many wildflowers here are still trying to squeeze out the last bit of warmth from the season.  Most have lost the luster of Spring.  These are the ragtag determined ones.

star thistle, wildflower

Star thistle
Morning Glory

Morning Glory

The remaining wild flowers were buzzing with activity as the late season insects frantically try to make a living off so few blossoms.

star thistle, butterfly, wildflowers

Star thistle attracts all kinds of insects.

star thistle, butterfly

Star thistle and a Fritillary butterfly.

wasp, wildflowers

A wasp explorers this flower.

hoverfly, wildfower

The hoverfly comes in for a landing.

sage, wildflowers

Sage flowers

sage, wildflowers, photography

Sage flowers with a passenger.

wildflowers, photography

Unknown orange flower

Butterfly, fritillary butterfly

Fritillary butterfly


mullein, wildflowers

Big black horntail on a mullein.

goldenrod, wildflowers



Hover fly on white flower.

Yellow-FlowerYellow-Flower-2Just for fun a quick watercolor sketch of a chicory bloom.

Chicory - watercolor sketch

Chicory – watercolor sketch

36 thoughts on “The Wildflowers Summer Left Behind

  1. Very lovely flowers and interesting insects. We have a few of the same ones here. We are still getting a couple of butterflies, too. I saw a bunch of confused white daisies along our driveway last week, but I didn’t pick them. Have to encourage those odd mutations.


  2. I also enjoy flowers at summer’s end. There is a wistfulness about them. Altogether, summer’s end and the whiff of autumn is one of my favourite times of year. When the seasons turn – or just before they do – is magic!


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