20 thoughts on “Nevada Sunrise

    • It was a rare sunrise to be sure. We definitely had the big sky affect. At home we look through hills and trees, but no city lights. We get some beautiful sunrises, but not like this one. It was like a gift.


    • Oh Good! We always walk the dogs before sunrise. When we did on this particular morning we could tell the sunrise was going to be beautiful. So I put the dogs in the trailer a Mary got a cup of coffee for each of us. We just stood out in the desert with our coffee in hand and watched the show. It was spectacular. I was a moment.


  1. Beautiful sunrise!!! and our sunsets are quite breathtaking as well! This is the BEST time of the year ! Thank You for sharing! Hope you enjoyed your travels. ….(ps…our stars, planets and moon…are quite the sight as well in that BIG open sky)


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