Wild Wednesday … Otters and Goldens

My very good friends Jan and Chris requested otters for this weeks Wild Wednesday. So that’s what they get, otters! Plus as a bonus, Golden Retrievers, since they have a pack of goldens of their own.



Forestry Friday … New Forestry Picture Book Project!

drawing, pencil,children's book, illustration, forestry

Preliminary sketch of Timber cover art in pencil.

Mary and I are collaborating on a new forestry picture book. We are deeply into the thick of the process. Our original forestry book, Forests, Trees and Woodcame out in 1993. It’s now out of print and this new book will take it’s place, (Red Tail Publishing 2016).


Wild Wednesday … SpongeBob SquarePants?

I’ve seen some strange things in the woods. Not long ago it was the Pink Panther up a pine tree. Before that it was Jellystone park, home of Yogi Bear. Now it’s Sponge Bob! I can’t for the life of me, figure out how anyone thought SpongeBob SquarePants was a good idea for a cartoon character. I also can’t figure out how they were right! That’s why I’m just a dirt forester.


SpongeBob says, “say hello to my little friend!”

What’s next, Bullwinkle, Foghorn Leghorn or Barney the Purple Dinosaur? Lord, I hope it’s not Barney. Oh no, now that song is playing in my head!

Bliss, Tasha, golden retriever, dogs

Bliss, “That looks evil!”
Tasha, “I’ll get the big one. You get the little one!”

French Gulch

I had to visit one of our loggers the other day. My route took me through the little hamlet of French Gulch. It was settled during the Gold Rush, but you rarely see any rush around this sleepy little town these days.

We also enjoyed some rain. They say El Nino is coming and we’re hoping so.

Forestry Friday … Diagnosing Forest Health From the Air

bark beetle, Ips

A bark beetle infested Ponderosa Pine.

This story appeared in the LA Times, http://www.latimes.com/local/california/la-me-dying-forests-20151020-story.html. Biologist Greg Asner uses spectrometer and laser technology to assess the health of California’s forest from the air. He creates 3D imagery that displays the level of stress within the trees. Our forests are under tremendous stress from having too many trees per acre and not enough resources to go around. The drought is the straw to break the camel’s back. It really demonstrates the need for active forest management to help keep our forests healthy.

Wild Wednesday … Bull Elk

Tule Elk

Today on Wild Wednesday, I took these pictures of four Bull Elk near Cache Creek.

Tule elk, nature photography

I see elk in this area along Highway 20 most of the time when passing through.

See these beasts never gets old.

Seeing these beasts never gets old.


This was perfect for Wild Wednesday!


If you travel down Highway 20 to Clear Lake look for the elk around Cache Creek on the south side of the road.