Wild Wednesday … Spring Teaser!

The buttercups started blooming a little over a week ago. When they arrive it means Spring is beginning to tease us here.

But winter is still trying to wash California away. Here are some pictures of the Sacramento River in the Northern California.


Looking across the Sacramento River at Balls Ferry.


Jelly’s Ferry bridge in the high water. The river bank is normally out past the beginning of the first steel arch.


The river is wide. Looking across the Sacramento River in northern Tehama County.

Finally, I was able to get out in the woods yesterday and enjoy a little sunshine!

Pipevine Time

Nothing says Spring has sprung like butterflies!  The Pipevine butterflies are out in force in Northern California and the Pipevine flowers are in bloom.  They even had a few friends show up.  Enjoy the show.  Click on the images to enlarge.

Here Come The Osprey!

The almond orchards are blooming in the valley and the buttercups started blooming yesterday in our yard.  Today, the long anticipated harbinger of Spring arrived when the first osprey was in the nest at the electrical tower by the mill.  We are still watching for its mate to show.  Spring is unofficially here!

osprey, nest, nature, wildlife, photography

The first osprey has returned to the nest.

osprey, nest, nature, wildlife, photography

This one looks a little cranky.

I wasn’t planning another post today, but I’ve been waiting for the ospreys.  https://theforesterartist.com/2013/02/15/the-birds-of-spring/  Welcome back!