Forestry Friday … How to Tell When You’re Stuck in the Snow

As a public service to my fellow foresters and any interested civilians I present this video. Watch and you will see how to tell if your vehicle is stuck in the snow.

It took about two hours to dig out.

Snow Day!

Every kid loves a snow day.  It gets them out of school work.  I go to work to get a snow day!

Even Nellie likes a snow day.

Nellie, golden retriever, golden, snow

What Golden doesn’t love the snow.

snow, snowing, shedding

Be careful were you stand.

logging, loader, delimber, landing, winter logging

Definitely a snow day for the loggers.

Out here a snow day doesn’t get you out of work.

logs, snow, snowy

Douglas-fir, sapling

New snowfall on a Douglas-fir sapling.

loading ramp, chute, cattle

There will be no cattle to load today.

Snow, Lodgepole pine

Snow in the pines.

wind turbines, snowing

The big wind turbines don’t care if the snow is falling.

white fir, snowing


First Snow

Bully Choop, snow, first snow

The first snow of the season paints Bully Choop white.

We had the first snow of the season. It ended fire season and caused the first chain requirements this Fall, all in one day. The first day of October it was 103 F. Did we just skip Fall.?

966, loader, logging, winter logging, landing chaser, logs, poles

The woods crews went from fighting fires to building warming fires.