Snow Day!

Every kid loves a snow day.  It gets them out of school work.  I go to work to get a snow day!

Even Nellie likes a snow day.

Nellie, golden retriever, golden, snow

What Golden doesn’t love the snow.

snow, snowing, shedding

Be careful were you stand.

logging, loader, delimber, landing, winter logging

Definitely a snow day for the loggers.

Out here a snow day doesn’t get you out of work.

logs, snow, snowy

Douglas-fir, sapling

New snowfall on a Douglas-fir sapling.

loading ramp, chute, cattle

There will be no cattle to load today.

Snow, Lodgepole pine

Snow in the pines.

wind turbines, snowing

The big wind turbines don’t care if the snow is falling.

white fir, snowing


28 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  1. beautiful! this painted magic in my mind! thanks for sharing! i love the snow … guess it means i’m still a child … at heart ; )


  2. The last time I was home in Alabama, we had a snow day! What fun it was and exciting. I went to a rural area next to a creek (small flowing river really) and walk for an hour beside the creek and through the woods taking photographs so I could remember. Thanks for your photographs.


  3. Always nice to see, snow that is, though I’ve just had 3 trees removed as they caused us all sorts of problems when we do get the snow. Especially the “wet” snow that sticks and drags the branches over till they snap – usually across our small road. I think our snow’s not too far away though and no doubt there’ll be some pictures in there.


    • When we get snow here, in the valley, it is always the wet and heavy type. We don’t usually get very much, but when we do it, snaps trees like crazy. Also, the car wreck multiply. The folks in the mountains are definitely more prepared for it.


  4. I like the last photo too. Very nice of the snowfall. When it’s snowing I always find it quite dark hard to get something that isn’t gray on grayer. This is perfect!


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