Pipevine Time

Nothing says Spring has sprung like butterflies!  The Pipevine butterflies are out in force in Northern California and the Pipevine flowers are in bloom.  They even had a few friends show up.  Enjoy the show.  Click on the images to enlarge.

39 thoughts on “Pipevine Time

  1. Outstanding photos of the Pipevine. I really enjoyed this post. Al the photos are incredibly good. Love seeing the pipevine plant with its little pipes. Very nice post Tim. Slide show worked very well.


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  3. I had no idea what this post was going to be about Tim … what a beautiful surprise .
    The Mourning Cloak Butterfly looks a shady lady 😉


  4. Pretty butterflies. I wish we’d get some, but the warm/cold, warm/cold temps we have been going through the last month have delayed their appearance somewhat. We still have no underbrush budding out and only the barest blush of red on a very few trees. It’s a very late spring. and there is a possibility of snow next week. I’m so tired of winter this year.


  5. Lucky you! Only Mourning claoks here, so far. Actually it was the Mourning Cloak (your beautiful photo!) that got me back here to your blog – in a comment by poppytump, who remembered seeing it here.


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