Here Come The Osprey!

The almond orchards are blooming in the valley and the buttercups started blooming yesterday in our yard.  Today, the long anticipated harbinger of Spring arrived when the first osprey was in the nest at the electrical tower by the mill.  We are still watching for its mate to show.  Spring is unofficially here!

osprey, nest, nature, wildlife, photography

The first osprey has returned to the nest.

osprey, nest, nature, wildlife, photography

This one looks a little cranky.

I wasn’t planning another post today, but I’ve been waiting for the ospreys.  Welcome back!

31 thoughts on “Here Come The Osprey!

  1. Love the Osprey! We see them here often, the best was across the street from our house. One landed on a pole and snacked on quite a big fish for a while, great to watch. At the moment I’m less enthusiastic about a possum that won’t leave my kitchen window…


    • A possum at the kitchen window, lol! Now that is a sight. On a serious side note, watch out for odd behaving or aggressive possums, because it can be a sign of rabies or distemper. Years ago my neighbor had an erratic racoon chase her around her yard. It was clearly sick. I had to go over an shoot it. We found out that there was a bad outbreak of distemper in the wild population of racoons, possums and skunks in the area. Foretunately for her, she had her german shepard locked up, because I’m sure the dog would have killed the possum and been exposed to the disease. Gala, the shepard was vaccinated, but she would have been exposed, and then she would have been quarentined by the county for weeks.


      • Oooh, good information, thanks. I finally just chased him away with a broom because the dogs (who are inside) have been barking and going nuts. He seems okay behavior-wise, but he has an ugly open sore just above his tail, an oval of maybe 2 inches. There are bird seeds in there, so that’s why he’s here, my fault. Anyway, while I chased him away, we really just moved around the perimeter of the house until he was cornered so I expect he’ll be back now that it’s dark. The saga continues… 🙂


    • It is a beautiful bird. Our biologist thinks this is the male, but can’t be sure. I’m waiting for the second one to arrive. Once they are both here, they start rebuilding the nest. Then I should get some really good pictures.


  2. Nest Watch is here ! Great shot Tim .
    Yes – he looks a trifle put out thinking he will have to make a start on the running repairs first perhaps 🙂


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