Can’t Improve on Nature

Killdeer eggs. It’s kind of artsy don’t you think? I couldn’t improve on this.

Seriously, they look like they’ve had paint spattered on them.

8 thoughts on “Can’t Improve on Nature

  1. Lovely photo. I wonder if that is a common arrangements when there are four eggs.

    One year I found two different box turtle nests that had been raided by a raccoon. They have speckled eggs too. Sadly, none survived. I did find out that it is extremely hard to move turtle eggs. You have to make sure that they are positioned exactly in the same orientation to the ground or they don’t survive. There was nothing I could do to save the surviving eggs that eaten the next day. I also think it is illegal to move them.

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    • I don’t know if it’s common to have that arrangement. We have killdeer nesting on our property every year, but I can’t remember if we had a four egg clutch before. Usually they we’re smaller. One year they nested in the backyard near our deck. That’s a location that our dogs frequent all the time. So we put a portable dog pen around the nest so the dogs wouldn’t find them and eat the eggs. Thankfully, they hatched the eggs and the youngsters were gone before the dogs knew it.


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