Hunter Puppy


A pen and ink of my old boy “Hunter.” He was the best hunting dog I ever had.

The photo I used for this drawing appeared in the post Forestry Friday … What A Difference A Decade Makes.


golden retriever, working dog, golden, retriever

Hunter’s motto was “It’s good to be Hunter!”

golden retriever puppy, golden puppy, puppy

It must have hurt to be that cute. He was always Hunter puppy to me, even when he was old. Makes me kind of misty.

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The Hot Seat

The Hot Seat

While cruising down the road through the burn I came across this chair.  It was sitting quietly off to the side of the road in what had previously been a thicket.  It was out of place in the middle of the forest.  I don’t know for certain how it came to this place.  Probably an old hunter left it behind.  Someone who used it to sit comfortably for a long time in a place where he or she could watch for unsuspecting deer to cross the road.  Why had they left it?  Perhaps, it was simply forgotten, no longer useful, or maybe the hunter was successful and in all the excitement forgot to return for the chair.  I think it had been here a long time.  It sat there waiting for it’s hunter to return for season after disappointing season.  This year, as the anticipation of deer season grew closer, something else came.  Not the hunter.  Instead it was the conflagration.  For a few fiery minutes it became The Hot Seat.  The fire roared passed leaving exposed the transformed steel skeletal remains of what was once the chair.  Quietly, it still sits and waits.