Wild Wednesday … Eagles Nest?

This is week that the osprey customarily return to their nest in the electrical tower at the sawmill. I haven’t seen them yet. Usually the male shows up a week or two before the female. This year they will be in for a bit of a surprise. A little over a month ago a pair of eagles moved in. I’m not sure how this will go, but the eagle are a lot bigger than the osprey. I’d have to put my money on the eagles. Click on the gallery to enlarge to photos and get the dirt.

Below are a few of the osprey posts over the years.








21 thoughts on “Wild Wednesday … Eagles Nest?

  1. Nice shots and I expect that it is always exciting to find that a pair of eagles have set up shop where you work. I believe as you, that the eagles will win out because they are a much more dominant and larger bird than the osprey.

    Here in Texas, per Google and as of 2004, there were 140 breeding pairs. I am pretty sure that that number has increased since many lakes and rivers now have breeding pairs. In my area, I think it has been determined that there is one breeding pair. I have not personally seen the pair at our lake but two photographers have been documenting them for a number of years.

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    • I think they could do it, but they haven’t started bringing any sticks so I’m not sure they’re serious about this location. I saw them breeding in the nest last week. I just don’t know. We’re still waiting for the osprey to show.

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