Who Ya Gonna Call…….

This guy!

Black Widow, art, tow truck, photography

Full service for all models of spiders!

If you are ever in Weaverville, California and your giant black widow breaks down, you can call this guy.  He can tow and repair all makes and models of spiders.  Only in Weaver-ville, as in orb-weaver-ville.  Seriously, I don’t make this stuff up.  You really can find anything on the interweb!

Fire Art

This black oak tree was transformed by the fire into an incinerated silvan sculpture.

In the aftermath of a wildfire we are confronted with profound destruction that it leaves in it’s wake.  Occasionally, afterwards there are strange and interesting forms that appear.  This black oak tree was changed into an a new form.  Once is was a beautiful green tree,  now it stands like a statue in it’s monochrome setting.

The rock formation below was there all along, but the brush obscured the view and prevented access to it.  The wildfire revealed it as if someone pulled a cover off of a sculpture.

Rock sculpture revealed by the wildfire.