Forestry Friday … Red

black oak, forest, nature

Black oak leaves showing off.

Forestry Friday is a new weekly feature on The Forester Artist.  Features will be whatever I want them to be, but related to forestry and forests. As you may have guessed this week’s theme is “Red”.black oak, forest, naturedogwood, Pacific dogwood, nature, fall colors

Pacific dogwood paint splatter.
Pacific dogwood

Pacific dogwood

Poison Oak, photography, nature

Poison oak. You can look, but don’t touch!

Red bud, Fall color, photography, nature

Red Bud

golden retriever, blitz

Blitz, the red dog!


Red and Green

Red trees and green sign, ironic isn’t it.

Sometimes change is thrust upon us. Change can be good, bad, or neither. How one deals with that change reveals much about a person’s true character.