Loadin’ Logs

Every logging operation needs a log loader and there are all types of them.  This pen and ink is of a Barnhart log loader from back in the railroad logging days.  It was a big steam-powered loader for loading big logs.

Barnhart Log Loader, Loader, Barnhart, Pen and Ink, logging, art

The Barnhart Log Loader

Here are some of today’s loaders.

loader, logging, heel-boom, shovel, loggers

The heel-boom loader is today’s log loading staple. It is also referred to as a shovel by the loggers.

Front-end loader, loader, logging, logger, photography

The front-end loader was the standard for years, but is still common in the woods.

log dolly, Front-end loader, loader, logging, logger, photographyy

The logging truck hauls the trailer, also known as a log dolly, in a piggy-back configuration. Here the front-end loader unloads the log dolly.

Self-loading logging truck, loader, logging, logger, photography

The self-loading logging truck has its own loader built-in.

I thought it was odd that the operator lowered the hood when he loaded his truck.  I assumed it may be running hot.  However, when he finished loading the truck, he went over to the engine compartment and pulled out a stick, which caused the engine to throttle down. He had wedged the stick into the throttle to keep the engine revved up while he was running the loader.  He then put the stick in the tool box and said, “I gotta put it up here or the dog will run off with it!”  Good thing I left Blitz in the truck.

Loading log truck, loader, loader, logging, logger, photography

In this picture, they used a front-end loader to assist the self-loader.  Normally they use the self-loaders when another loader isn’t available.

This old green beast of a front-end loader was barely running, which is why they were using the self-loader.  These were two weary old machines.

Blitz, Teka, golden retriever

Blitz is seriously wanting the throttle stick right now.