Forestry Friday … The Forestry Institute for Teachers

Forestry Institute for Teachers

If you are a teacher, then you may be interested in this program. It is a week long session that involves camping in cabins, woods tours of logging operations, a mill tour and many other sessions involving natural resource subjects. It is an intense week and you get to meet resource professional from across the spectrum.

Forestry Institute for Teachers 2015

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I taught a forestry class for many years at the Shasta County location. After a break I was back last season. I don’t know yet if I’ll be back this year. I highly encourage interested teachers to sign up.

Cox Bar School Visit

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When I was 8-years-old I moved from Hoopa to Burnt Ranch, CA. The entire school, K-8, only had 48 students at the time. I was in 3rd grade and it only had five students. The school grew to over 60 by the time I exited 8th grade. I’m especially happy to make school visits to small schools in rural areas.

Sometimes we do science experiments related to my books and other times we read stories or do art projects. This visit was all about the stories.

Cox Bar Elementary is only about 15 miles from Burnt Ranch, and about 40 miles from Hoopa. I’ve made a few visits over the years. This year, the school has fewer than 15 students. The kids were pretty excited to know I grew up so close to where they live.

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