The Logger’s Dog

I’ve known Bob for a long time.  Bob is a Logging Supervisor or Woods Boss.  His operations are a going concern.   Bob is all business and his guys make logs in a hurry.   When I go out and talk to his crew about log quality Bob gets nervous because I’m slowing down his operation.  He isn’t the kind of man that one would think of as going around showing off a piece of art, but that is what he has done for nearly twenty years.

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Bob’s landing, whackin’ and stackin’ .

Twenty years ago Bob decided he needed a dog.  When he got his new dog he told me, “All of you foresters have dogs in the back of your trucks, so I decided to get one for my truck.”  If you have ever seen the back of a logging boss’s truck you would know that his dog would need chemical resistant feet and armor plating. Their trucks are full of hydraulic fluid, oil, truck parts, tractor parts, chokers, cable, tools, and all manner of oily, heavy metal things bouncing around loose in the bed.  So Bob’s dog was special….unique even

chainsaw carving, dog carving, logger's dog

Meet Would, Bob’s dog.

Bob’s dog is named “Would”, not Wood even though he is wood.   If you ask him why “Would”, he will say, “He would bark if he could and he would s–t if he could, therefore he is Would.”  Bob recently got a new work truck and when he didn’t put Would in the truck he caught so much hell that he had to load him up again. Would has been Bob’s constant woods companion for the last twenty years.  He never whines, growls or barks.  He doesn’t need food or water and doesn’t mind all the stuff in the back of Bob’s truck. I think Would has mellowed over the years, even developed a fine patina.  He may be the perfect logger’s dog.

Chainsaw carving, dog carving, dog, golden retriever, Blitz, logger, forester

The forester’s dog and the logger’s dog.

I had Blitz join Would for a group shot.  The two of the got on famously.  Blitz is, after all, the consummate stick dog.  Fortunately, she didn’t chew on his ear.  I tried to get Bob in the picture, but tough old loggers don’t always like having their pictures taken.

Lumberjack Yard Art

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A really big yard ornament.

So many of the loggers I know have big personalities. It only makes sense that they might have a little something that makes a big statement, or in this case a BIG something that makes a BIG statement.  Why not have a vintage skid cat complete with logs and a chainsaw carved equipment operator of redwood.