Forestry Friday … “Timber!” in Color


The inking is complete and I’ve been painting furiously. I taken some vacation time to complete this project. Today I was painting the chipper scene. I posted about that one before.


I couldn’t decide which picture to post, so here’s another.

Wild Wednesday … Pacific Fisher

Fisher, Pacific fisher, mixed media, pen and ink, watercolor, wildlife, Timber!

The Pacific Fisher in mixed media. Pen and ink, and watercolor. This is a spot illustration for the new children’s picture “Timber!”

Pacific Fisher, pen and ink, Timber!, wildlife

This is the pen and ink before the watercolor. Which version do you like better?


Let’s Call It A Wrap

Buddy, The Wayward Wolverine, Buddy and the Magic Chicken Tree, watercolor, watercolour, wolverine

Illustrating Buddy wore me out, and Buddy too.

I’m done illustrating Buddy.  Now we wait for the official release.  I think I’m going to take a nap too.