Otter In The Water

otter, pen and ink, drawing, ink, wildlife

Otter in pen and ink.

I did this drawing at the same time as “Forestry Friday … Otter, Otter, Otter.” I’m just now getting around to posting it.

otter, bullfrog, wildlife, nature, photography

Our local otter enjoying a yummy frog breakfast!

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Forestry Friday … Otter, Otter, Otter!

This week I’m going to lighten it up. Animals are always fun and what is more fun than a playful otter, except maybe three!

pen and ink, otter, wildlife, nature, ink, pen & ink, drawing, animals

Three otters resting on a log.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some art. I hope you like it.


Otter, photography, wildlife, nature


These are our otters that live at the mill. They travel around the mill site from pond, to river and to canals.  I never know where they are going to pop up next.

Otter, photography, wildlife, nature


Otter, photography, wildlife, nature

The three amigos.

In the forest setting, otters don’t ever become an issue during our harvest operations. They live in the water and riparian area.  Harvesting is minimal in the riparian zones.

Otter, photography, wildlife, natureOtter, photography, wildlife, nature

Blitz, golden retriever, dog, photography

Blitz says, “Can’t trust em’, they remind me of cats!”


Otter At The Mill

Otter, photography, wildlife, sawmill,  swimming

This handsome otter was swimming around our log pond at the mill in search of an afternoon snack.

This otter and the rest of his clan are regulars around the mill site.  The pond where I took these pictures is smack in the middle of the entire complex.  They visit the log ponds, canals, and the river depending on what is on the menu.  We have a floating platform that suspends a water intake into the pond, but the otters seem to think it was put there for their personal sun basking pleasures.  One of my crew members insists that it is their private restroom, while he complains about all the “otter poop!”  Those are my words, not his.

Otter, photography, wildlife, sawmill,  swimming, fish, fishing

On the menu today, fish!

Otter, photography, wildlife, sawmill,  swimming

Up periscope.

Otter, photography, wildlife, sawmill,  swimming

As he swam around the pond the lighting was constantly changing. He turned out to be a very curious and co-operative subject.

Otter, photography, wildlife, sawmill,  swimming

Otter on golden pond.

The old log pond....otter pond.

The old log pond….otter pond.