Forestry Friday … Otter, Otter, Otter!

This week I’m going to lighten it up. Animals are always fun and what is more fun than a playful otter, except maybe three!

pen and ink, otter, wildlife, nature, ink, pen & ink, drawing, animals

Three otters resting on a log.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some art. I hope you like it.


Otter, photography, wildlife, nature


These are our otters that live at the mill. They travel around the mill site from pond, to river and to canals.Β  I never know where they are going to pop up next.

Otter, photography, wildlife, nature


Otter, photography, wildlife, nature

The three amigos.

In the forest setting, otters don’t ever become an issue during our harvest operations. They live in the water and riparian area.Β  Harvesting is minimal in the riparian zones.

Otter, photography, wildlife, natureOtter, photography, wildlife, nature

Blitz, golden retriever, dog, photography

Blitz says, “Can’t trust em’, they remind me of cats!”


57 thoughts on “Forestry Friday … Otter, Otter, Otter!

      • ‘never enough time,’ — isn’t that a wonderful problem to have, as long as one enjoys those segments of the day?!

        ditto here, though my biggest problem is the ongoing problem with electricity. am wirting on battery power now – the rainy season is especially challenging but only if i want to stay connected with the world.

        otherwise i just tune in to the beautiful world around me!

        i loved both of your drawings of the otters! they’re exceptional! the final image and caption for blitz made me smile!

        logging off for the day,

        Liked by 1 person

        • HI Z, good to hear from you! I appreciate that you used your last little spark to get this message out to me. Honored in fact!

          I have to admit when folks say they are have artist’s block, I can’t relate. I always have too many things that I want to do, but can’t seem to fit them all in. It is a good problem to have I suppose.

          As for Blitz, she was a pretty good judge of character.


    • Thank you Susan. I know what you mean about the mess. We have a floating platform at the Pole Plant that holds our water intake for the pump. The otters think it’s thier sunbathing station and bathroom. Nasty!


    • Thank you Ilex! They are pretty entertaining. They’re suspicious, but still don’t run away. They just move the feeding away from me. They usually give lots of opportunity to take pictures. I have many good shots I didn’t use.


    • I think seeing a mink would be pretty cool. We don’t have them here, but we do have pine martens in the high country. They’re a kick, but I haven’t had my camera when I’ve seen them either. I guess we’ll have to see who can get the picture first!


  1. When I first started to follow your blog I was impressed by your artwork and then in recent posts I haven’t see any with your art until this one. Nice to see, nice drawing. Hope you post more artwork in the future.


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  3. Thanks for checking out my blog Tim. Beautiful pen and ink work! Two of my favorite things: animals and art β€” make for a great blog!


  4. I like the way you contrasted the fine lines in the fur with the bold water swirls – that keeps the whole drawing very engaging. Wonderful, as usual. I’m still waiting to see these guys. One of these days!


  5. Very fine drawing of these elusive creatures [more please] Tim, and the photographs, which at first I thought were paintings, are also super, I’ve never seen one in the wild but we have re introduced them to some parts in Uk , I don’t think they look like cats, maybe it’s the whiskers. . Love the name ‘Blitz’


    • You are quite right, they don’t really look like cats and they love the water. I can only imagine the scratches if I tried to put my cats in the water. πŸ˜‰ I didn’t know they were native to the UK. I hope you get the chance to see one sometime. How wonderful to have the back!


  6. So glad you put up some of your art! Definitely post some more, please. I love Blitz’s comment…anything small, furry, and with whiskers qualifies as a cat πŸ™‚


  7. Love that last photo caption: “Can’t trust ’em.” Funny!!! Cute little buggers those otters. Are they friendly or feisty??


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