Wild Wednesday … Denali Nat’l Park

Mary and I took a trip to Alaska last spring to spend time with family. While traveling from Fairbanks to the coast we took an afternoon to visit Denali National Park. It was the pre-season and the tour buses weren’t running yet. Therefore, we were able to drive 30 miles into the park. Unfortunately, it was cloudy and we weren’t to see the mountain.  On the positive side we were able to stop anytime we wanted to take pictures. In fact, our little group did so well spotting wildlife that we soon had a caravan of vehicles pulling off the road behind us so they could see the wildlife we found. The gallery below is just a few of the wonderful sights we enjoyed. Just click on the photos to enlarge them.

This was our first trip to Alaska, but won’t be our last. We had a terrific time. We were there for a week. These shots were just from one afternoon. Stay tuned for more pictures from Alaska.

17 thoughts on “Wild Wednesday … Denali Nat’l Park

    • Thank you Ann! I had to look up dezent. A new word for me. It was spring when we were there and the willow flowers were the only new growth. The snow was just leaving and the colors were very subdued. Naturally, the wildlife wants to blend in with their surroundings. I was so glad to get to go.

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      • Ah, subdued is a good word too! 😊 Yeah, nature is always calming and refreshing. I think it´s good for our souls, because it´s where we belong actually. We´re a part of nature too, the most intelligent apes 😉🐵


    • What kind of forester would I be if I didn’t! I had to look up the owl. I didn’t know that one, but that’s half the fun, learning something new. We got to see lots of wildlife new to us. I look forward to going back. I didn’t get to see a grizzly bear. I’d really like to see one.

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  1. Beautiful landscape and animal shots, Tim. We would love to visit Alaska some time. There is a lot to be said for being able to travel slightly off season. Usually the weather is not too bad and the crowds are a lot less.

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    • Absolutely Ruth! I think it was the perfect time to go. We didn’t know it at the time, but we got lucky. It was our first time and we’ll be going back before long. Especially since the grandkid are there.


    • Wow, climbing Denali is quite a feat. Congrats to you partner. It was wonderful to go there. It’s such beautiful country. Sadly, we couldn’t see the peak due to the clouds. I sure we’ll go back. I hope you get the chance to go sometime.

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