Wild Wednesday … Mystery Butterfly!

I’ve been sitting in the middle of I5 for nearly 3 hours. They’re clearing an overturned big rig with a load of steel I-beams. I’m trying to think of something soothing. How about a butterfly. This one showed up on the porch this morning. Good thing the kitten wasn’t around.  Does anyone know it’s name?Normally, I’d have my sketch pad, but not today. I have a project to finish too. Instead I’ll have to settle for a butterfly. 

23 thoughts on “Wild Wednesday … Mystery Butterfly!

  1. Tim,
    Let’s play Give it a Name. How about Tiger Ring? Sorry you were hung up due to an accident. So thankful you weren’t involved in the crash. Even without your sketch pad, you found a way to be creative and share beauty with others. Lovely butterfly!

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    • “Tiger Ring”, that’s clever! If it didn’t already have a name that would have been my first submission. It was a tiny blessing to have our little visitor on the porch. Lucky for the butterfly it missed the kitten. She was there the morning before chasing moths. 😮


  2. You folks are good, Red Admiral it is. So I found this site with “Fun Facts” about it, http://www.butterfly-fun-facts.com/butterfly-species/butterflies-p-t/red-admiral-vanessa-atalanta/. Did you know the the original name was “Red Admirable.” How appropriate is that. Also, it spends it’s caterpillar phase living on nettles. We have stinging nettles here and they fiercely painful if you touch them. Any caterpillar that eats nettles is okay in my book.


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